For those of you lucky enough to be starting university at the University of Bedfordshire this September – make sure you get yourselves down to the Luton Campus Freshers Fair and pick up one of the Student Discount cards we are offering in the Fresher’s Goody Bags!

Luton Indoor Market is an absolute gem for anybody looking for delicious and affordable lunchtime meals, fashionable clothing, home-wares, weekly groceries and marvellous services. For students with a valid student ID and discount card only, over 30 of our traders and small business’ have offered a 10% discount on their stalls – making the market an EVEN cheaper place to shop!

Simply pick up the cards from the Luton Freshers Fair on Monday 24th September 2018, make sure you have your student ID and check that the trader is involved from the list below and you’re ready to roll.

Participating Traders:

EAT: Roti Tablanca (unit 7), FOBO Bites (unit 8), Thai Bites (unit 9), Lucky 8 (unit 38)

SHOP: Keith Ashleigh Fishmonger (unit 1/2), Rileys Supermarket (unit 5/6), Selectronics (unit 21), Hira’s Scarves (unit 43), Urban Jewellery (unit 46), Luton Optical Centre (unit 47/48), Journey Luggage (unit 57), Luton Computer Shop (unit 59), Vintage Fashion (unit 66), Rose Hair (unit 69), Angelic Awareness (unit 74/76), All Occasions (unit 93), CD Plus (unit 95), Culture Shack (unit 100), Jax Dress Up (unit 107), Smokees (unit 110), LDN Perfume Factory (unit 112), Fashionvilla (unit 114), JT Aphrique (unit 120), Osazs World (unit 122)

SERVICES: Fabric Island (unit 36/37), The Barbers (unit 44), Mobile Market (unit 65), Anything Sews (unit 103), Ansertec (unit 117)

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