We asked Food Trader Adesh from Roti Tabanca to tell us his trader story…

Adesh began trading on 12th February 2016 after his Wife Michelle, encouraged him to give it a go.

“Michelle used to run a Trinidadian food stall in Watford Market years ago and encouraged me to bring the taste of Trinidad to Luton too.”

Born and bred in Trinidad, Adesh also spent years in Jamaica running a wholesale business purchasing goods from worldwide.

“I came over to the UK officially in 2015 and this was my first food venture. Michelle had the idea to keep it simple and let the food speak for itself. We wanted to show people that not all Caribbean food is the same!”

We asked Adesh how the name Roti Tabanca came about…

“Roti Tabanca is named after, Roti because it is a popular Trinidadian dish. Tabanca, because it is slang for the melancholy feeling you get when you have lost a great love. This represents the feeling that Trinbagonians have when they miss traditional Trini food whilst living in the UK.”

Roti Tabanca is now a firm favourite with customers and Adesh has one particularly memorable highlight from his 2 years trading.

“We were asked by a customer to cater for her engagement party which we were more than honoured to do! Two years on and we’ve just catered for her wedding! It’s so great to be a part of our customer’s journeys.”