If you visited us last weekend I’m sure you would have spotted Stephen Whiting’s photography exhibition, showing the unique side of Luton and its spaces. If you happened to miss it, read on to find out exactly what The South Bedfordshire Pictorial had to offer!

Using photographic documentation, artist and curator Stephen Whiting has worked with some of the more characteristic traders of Luton over the years. Displaying records of their factories, retail spaces and their methods of work – the photography showed us the rawness of some of the trading spaces within our town.

We asked Stephen how he became captivated in such a topic. “I think we are losing more and more culture in this town as gentrification and investment takes place. I wanted to capture the distinguishing features and the realness of local traders & their businesses before it’s too late.” Many of the retailers Stephen has captured over the years have since gone out of business.

Looking through the photography, we managed to spot many local sights including our own Tim’s Kitchen at the market. Many visitors found themselves remembering shops & cafes they hadn’t visited in years, subconsciously favouring newer high street brands.

“My work generates a debate on the gains and losses of the gentrification process. It reminds people how the town has developed and what has been lost along the way.” Stephen said.

The exhibition created nostalgia for many and really illustrated how important it is to support our local traders before it’s too late.