Osazs African Beads & Events Planning

UNITS 121 AND 122

Name of Trader: Joy Igho

Business Name: “Osazs African Beads & Events Planning”

Contact Details: 07908119419/07412084451

Business Type: African beads, consume jewellery and events

How did you become a trader: I became a trader because it’s what I like doing, because I really enjoy making beads and jewellery, I wanted to share my talent with Lutonians..

Tell us some interesting things about your time as a trader; I have met loads of people and some very interesting characters. The business and the market has broaden my horizons by taking me to all sorts of exhibitions which I hadn’t experienced before.

Length of time in Luton Market: 1 year & 6 months

Sum up Luton Market in 3 words and why: Good for business, great management, and vibrant multicultural customers.

Facebook; Osazs African Beads and Events Management.

Luton Market is operated by Town and Country Markets, part of WMC Retail Partners Plc.
Registered office: 21 Market Street, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire, TF1 1DT. Company registration number: 00636475.