Roti Tabanca

Name: Adesh

Business Name and Unit Number: Roti Tabanca, (Unit 7).

What do you sell? Food from the Twin Caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago. Specialising in:

  • dhalpuri roti
  • paratha (bus-up-shut) roti,
  • Doubles (Trinidads number one street food)
  • Bake and Fish
  • And much more

How long have you been a trader at Luton Market: We’ve been here since February 2016. How did you become a trader?

Tell us your story: We are Michelle & Adesh. Our families have been cooking together informally for over 50 years, at social gatherings in South Trinidad. As a result we have gained an in depth knowledge of authentic techniques and ingredients that go into our multicultural Trinidadian cuisine. Trinbagonian food is a unique blend of Indian, African, Chinese, Syrian, Lebanese, Various European and of course the indigenous Carib population. We wanted to bring this cuisine to both people that have never tried Caribbean food before and also to people that have had Caribbean food from other islands and thought that all Caribbean food was the same- which it is not; each islands cuisine is different due to the differing colonial influences on the region. One of the most popular dishes in Trinidad is roti, which can also be found in many other Caribbean and South American countries. There are only a few roti establishments in the UK doing authentic Trinidadian roti from scratch, we hope to fill this gap with our food stall.

Tell us one interesting fact about your business or your time as a trader: Our business name is Roti Tabanca. Roti because it is a popular Trinidadian dish. Tabanca, because it is slang for the melancholy feeling you get when you have lost a great love. We have applied this emotion to Trini food as this is the thing that Trinbagonions miss and have difficulty finding overseas.

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Luton Market is operated by Town and Country Markets, part of WMC Retail Partners Plc.
Registered office: 21 Market Street, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire, TF1 1DT. Company registration number: 00636475.