First Health  (Unit 52)


Business Type: Health foods, Vitamins, herbal nutrition, homeopathic supplement,sports supplements and Gym accessories.

Contact us on ; 01582451170

How long have you been a trader:  Est 1984. before you were born! (I have delivery receipts older than you!).

How Did You become a trader: i tried working for someone, but i felt like my hard work was never fully appreciated. So i decided i needed to work just as hard for myself and  will reap the rewards. i have  historically been very interested in natural health remedies and supplements, added the hard work and removed the doubts and here i am.

Tell us some interesting things about your time as a trader: We can chat all day, the genuine Joy and satisfaction i have from talking to advising, and even learning from my customers about anything health related.

Mind Body and Spirit!

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